Mechanical properties and microstructures of cement-treated soils: a review

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Viet Quoc Dang
Vinh Ngoc Chau
Nguyen Thuan Thuyen
Hoang Anh Quan
Vu Trung Hieu
Dang The Vinh
Chandra Sekar Ganja
Lanh Si Ho


The use of cement-treated soil is a crucial and traditional method for stabilizing soft ground and the bases or sub-bases of road pavement. However, due to the variable characteristics of soil worldwide, there is no precise design for the mixture proportion of cement-treated soil.

This review paper aims to summarize the existing research to identify the main factors influencing the mechanical characteristics of cement-treated soil, specifically unconfined compressive strength (UCS), tensile strength, and modulus of elasticity. The compressive strength of cement-treated soil is governed by many key factors such as cement content, cement type, compaction type, curing time, and curing condition. The UCS of cement-treated soil shows improvement with increased cement content and curing period, and various prediction models for UCS development are summarized and reviewed. Additionally, this review covers methods for estimating tensile strength and modulus of elasticity based on UCS. Besides, microstructure investigation is also mentioned to comprehensively provide evidence for the explanation of strength development.

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