Numerical analysis of aerodynamic and structure characteristics of an autonomous unmanned flying car for high-rise building rescue operations in urban area

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Cong-Thanh Nguyen
Hoang-Quan Chu
Thai-Son Vu
Xuan-Truong Le
Cong-Truong Dinh


Using numerical commercial software, this article presents a type of autonomous unmanned flying car capable of saving people in burning high-rise buildings in urban areas. This kind of flying vehicle is maneuverable and fast, and it has the ability to anchor to the building balconies to receive people in distress. Initial, a computational simulation is performed to investigate the aerodynamic properties of the propeller without and with a guard ring. A full-scale model evaluation based on Buckingham-Pi theory is then performed to evaluate the aerodynamic and structural characteristics of the proposal. Numerical simulation results show that the proposed design is feasible.

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